The test is for your personal use only, we do not ask for any personal data.

1. Would you give your ID to someone you meet for the first time if they are not a public authority?

2. When you go abroad on your own, usually:

3. What is your work experience? How do you choose your job?

4. Would you agree to perform an illegal service (e.g. picking up something from a shop without money, handing over an unknown suitcase or cargo to a stranger, etc.) for a good friend or acquaintance?

5. How do you feel in your current situation at this stage of your life?

6. Are you willing to share your personal information, e.g. private photos, videos, phone numbers of friends?

7. In what situations in your life would you borrow money and how?

If you picked A as the most common answer...
Obviously, when making choices or personal decisions, you always think about safety, weigh up the risks and make a healthy assessment that the intentions of strangers may not always be good. However, if you have any questions in the future about how to help victims of human trafficking, or if you would like any advice about the situation of a friend or family member, please call the toll-free helpline at 8 800 91119 (+ 370 616 91119 outside Lithuania).
If you picked B as the most common answer...
It is not always possible to know or understand all the risks of a particular choice, but it is worth the effort. Some of your choices are a balancing act between caution and high risk. If you have any doubts about your job, your immediate surroundings, or recent offers, we recommend that you consult our free helpline 8 800 91119 (+ 370 616 91119 outside Lithuania).
If you picked C as the most common answer...
Many of your choices indicate an increased risk of accepting unsafe job offers or other activities. It is possible to fall into the clutches of manipulators without feeling it right away. We strongly recommend that you seek advice on safe work or activity choices on our free helpline 8 800 91119 (+ 370 616 91119 outside Lithuania).