Are you new to the country? Would you like to know about community activities, social assistance?
  • You are welcome to contact IOM Lithuania staff on the toll-free line within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania 8 800 22 922 (+ 370 5 251 4352 – standard rate for calls from abroad to Lithuania) or visit HERE.
You have lost your personal documents. Need help to recover them?
  • You are welcome to contact the nearest Migration Department in Lithuania at
Want to report a crime against you or another person?
  • Call the general emergency number 112. Tell the operator the circumstances of the incident or suspicions and the information you know.
  • You are invited to fill in an anonymous report on the Lithuanian Police Portal
Want to apply for psychological, social support or legal advice?
  • Call the toll-free helpline at 8 800 91119 (+ 370 616 91119 outside Lithuania).
  • You can find the contacts of NGOs you may contact for help HERE.